Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks season is approaching! We open back up to the public June 20!

Big Gator Fireworks is located at the corner of "Ballpark Road" & Hwy 18 in Drexel, Missouri. Air conditioned shopping! We offer fireworks from some of the largest distributors locally.

We are only open during "fireworks season"; June 20th - July 5th. Open EVERYDAY during that time!

Please browse the history of fireworks, safety, frequently asked questions, hours and location of our store!

About Big Gator Fireworks:

No Sales Gimmicks.  Just low prices.



July 4th is right around the corner! Have a happy and safe Fourth!

Fireworks T-Shirts!

Opening! June 20

We love Black Cat products and proudly sell them at our store in Drexel, MO.



Black Cat Sold Here!

Love fireworks? Buy one of our popular t-shirts in various colors! Available at the store!